Monday, April 10, 2017

The Dimension I Live In

Although I read the news and participate in all the daily life in my community, I live in an internal dimension.

My internal dimension consists of my thoughts.

They determine how my day goes.

My internal dimension is described as inner peace, listening for guidance, and feeling a comforting Presence.

When the outside threat appears so bad as to reduce me to tears, I know that I can take a few calming breaths to take myself back to a place of sanity.

The principles of authentic living can never be rolled back, not by war or by executive orders, or by any other representation of misdirection and fear.

The dimension I live in is full of delight and wholeness, even while I watch the pitiable actions of the so-called “elite”.

I know that what I have, along with my fellow citizens, is intelligence, humor, and other amazing resources.

I know our true riches, and I know they are built on the timeless principles which promote well-being and community.

So what if we are far down a dying path!

Good.  Let us come to the end of it, and make a new one!

Let this new path include everyone in its beauty and bounty and delight.

The human mind was designed to solve puzzles.

Let’s solve this one.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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