Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Courage Within and Without

Today, I took my courage in both hands and and addressed a weird situation that has been going on for some time.

As I have separated out the first and secondary issues in my life, a recurring one stood in stark contrast.

I was finally led to address it as a case of being hypnotized to react in a certain way.

I looked up ways to “de-hypnotize” myself and found that it has to do with practicing continuing mindfulness and awareness.

I addressed the first symptom and declared my right to behave in a normal way.

That worked for the first part of my activity.

Then I looked at my next symptom, and addressed it.

I spent the entire night each time I awoke making sure that I addressed the specific symptom and behavior.

The next day, I asked my husband to be with me while I performed the activity.

I got farther along with it, and then found myself reacting further.

So I took a break and addressed the third aspect of my reaction.

I was able to complete the activity.

I find this a very interesting case for myself.

I have been thinking about the other things I find myself reacting to, although in less extreme ways.

What are the ways in which we are hypnotized by society’s norms to think we can or cannot do certain things?

What are the ways in which we work against ourselves over political and economic issues?

The immense power of the media to do good or to create negative influence in our lives is a kind of hypnotism.

It is good to remain mindful and aware of this  power and to be careful we are thinking our own thoughts to the best benefit of ourselves and our communities.

I am so grateful for the teachers and counselors and workshop leaders and writers who keep sharing their knowledge to benefit all of us.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Joy of New Identity

As I continue to work through the layers of healing, I am so happy to notice the great distance between what I was raised to be and what I am establishing for myself.

My husband has begun hanging my quilts and small fabric art pieces on the walls of my studio.

I am so comforted to see evidence of what I love to do, what I have chosen for myself.

During this time of year, I am hit once again with painful memories, but I have learned what it is like to live as the person I love to be.

As I am pulling myself out of the habitual holiday downward spiral, I find myself surrounded with friends who like to do what I like, spinners, weavers, quilters, knitters.

We are sharing new skills and new accomplishments and appreciating one another’s efforts.

I am still establishing new habits of enjoyment for myself, but these can become more and more automatic the longer I do what I love.

It is a new kind of work, consciously establishing an identity for myself, one that I choose.

My new identity is not shaped by where I happened to be.

It is shaped by all the new activities I am doing, and the new people who surround me as we all do things we love.

It is a great atmosphere.

I am so very grateful I made the immense effort to reestablish myself in a beautiful part of the country, doing things I love.

© 2017 KathrynHardage

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Releasing the Panic

I am here, now.

I am feeling the sensations of a memory.

I can breathe deeply and slow down my thoughts.

What am I actually thinking?

I am in a safe place.

All is well.

I have control over the environments where I place myself.

I can tell the difference between a friend and an enemy.

I have good friends.

They have grown up through their many trials.

We are on the same page.

I can get help, any kind of help, when I need it.

I am in a good place.

I am calm.

I am safe.

I am happy.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Displacing Limitations

The negative thoughts and actions which were imposed on us can be overcome as we rise to the surface in our own value and estimation.

We displace these negative buoyancies with our absolute joy in choosing what we love to do.

The long-term effect cannot just be smushed down.

It has to be acknowledged and then displaced.

As I pay attention to where I am hurting, I have been led to uncover the deep trauma and expose it to the light for healing.

This has been lifting limitations which have been in place for decades.

I am finding my new, joyous self as I continue to pursue what I love and to integrate it into my daily life.

As I am led to take each next step, I am entering a new professional life.

I am finding respect and encouragement all along the way.

I am learning how to break down the limitations.

I am finding grace in each next breath and love in each tiny new step.

Surviving the trauma is being superseded by thriving in the direction of my choosing.

I have deep new devoted friendships and supporters.

I have new openings into a new professional life.

I feel stable and appreciate the control I am beginning to feel that I have her my life.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, October 13, 2017

Invest in Peace

Invest in your own peace.

You have an unlimited supply every time you draw on it.

Your mind does not want to live in chaos or fear.

You have a natural tendency toward peace.

You recognize peace as part of your divine nature and heritage.

Peace calls to you.

Your peace beckons you to a safe haven.

You always move in accord with your peace.

With your own peace, you can live undisturbed in the midst of what appears to be turmoil.

You identify with your peaceful, harmonious nature.

It provides for you in the most natural way.

Your life is complete in the peace you draw around you.

The are no breaks in the flow of your peace.

Your peace envelopes all those who come in contact with you, and uplifts and protects and calms them as well.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Doubt and Confusion

It never came from within you.

It was imprinted there by outside influences.

When you can separate your own thoughts from those emotions which imprinted you, you can find your own direction and guidance and peace.

I can recognize confusion by my inability to act or by my reluctance to make a decision.

The old habits of being held back and my opinions ignored are being broken.

When I take the time to notice what is happening and give myself the room to consider what I would really like, I am able to make a decision and to take effective action.

I, too, have been blessed with a wonderful mind and great coordination and organization.

These dormant abilities are coming into a safe environment, and I can now express them.

The very best thing is that as I have listened within to find the things I really love to do, I am finding the support to do them.

Resources are coming together in a definite and certain way.

My connections are smooth and coordinated.

Each step flows smoothly into the next one.

I am happy each day as I consider the next step and see how it flows so naturally and gently into the next one.

My purpose is clear, and it is a happy one.

The life shrouded by doubt and confusion was never mine.

The old imprinting is being replaced with the delightful life of my choice.

I am fulfilled and happy, as is my right.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, September 24, 2017

A Story That Works

One day as I was meditating, I realized that nothing I could do would change the story for someone else.

The story has to be changed by the person telling it.

If you are telling yourself a certain kind of story, your life will have a certain kind of path.

If you change the story, the path will change.

It is as simple as that.

Why you believe the story is not as simple.

But it can still be changed.

Decide on a direction you really want to go.

Don’t hold back.

Describe it in detail to yourself every time your think about it.

Think of all the reasons why you want it.

Embellish the picture.

Then when it is as full as you can make it, keep enjoying it.

When you hold to this consistent enjoyable  plan, you will start to see it take shape.

It is not something you do for yourself, although it is a gift you give yourself.

Keep doing your part and the Universe will do the rest.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage