Sunday, May 27, 2018

Loving Today

Good things are happening today.

Some of them are very obvious.

Some of them are under the surface.

We can listen for the happy things and feel them in our heart.

There are little things which we can do for each other that let us know how valued we are.

We can listen kindly and patiently.

We can perform little acts of service.

We can simply be there for each other.

We can inspire each other.

We can be excellent and wonderful friends.

We can see what needs doing and do it.

We can do something that we love.

We can do something special for ourselves.

We can be understanding and not rush.

We can plan and be patient.

We can enjoy each other’s company.

We can enjoy a good conversation.

We can express our life’s ideals and live with integrity.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Crossing the Chasm

As I learn new skills, I realize I am crossing a chasm, not only of knowledge, but of permission to practice them.

In a damaged emotional life, there are so many levels of experience which were never developed.

Those synapses simply don’t know how to fire until they are rebuilt.

The tiny steps that I list and eventually try are the threads that are rebuilding my life into wholeness.

I am learning the skills that I always wanted to know.

I am in a new environment which supports my practice.

I attract whole, healthy people.

I am able to interact with them as we enjoy sharing mutual interests.

We recognize and appreciate the work we do and the beautiful things we create.

We utilize our individual efforts in a group setting which is supportive.

All these activities and the spirit in which they are done increase my connections and help rebuild my life.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, May 21, 2018

Worried vs. Relieved

I realize that I have a habit of worry which was instilled very, very young.

I am now creating its antidote.

When I sense myself worrying, I find something I am relieved about.

For instance, I am relieved that I am living in a country where I can speak the language.

I am relieved that the area where I live is surrounded by small farms which raise organic food.

I am relieved that there is an excellent library system.

I am relieved there are so many sustainable skills to learn and people to teach them.

I am relieved I can find information I need on the internet.

I am relieved I can experiment with my garden and tiny food forest.

I am relieved that there are many small supportive communities connected with activities I enjoy.

I am relieved that my wardrobe is sufficient.

I am relieved that I have easy access to water for my garden.

I am relieved I can maintain a comfortable temperature around me.

I am relieved that I am respected for the things I can invent designs and patterns for.

I am relieved that I have found a place to live where I am comfortable and respected.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Gardening Solution

I was disappointed to find out that a couple of glass panes had been broken out of my cold frame at the back of the garden.  I had been “cooking” a new compost pile during winter and would not be able to continue adding to it as planned.

I knew there was a solution for my situation and I began preparing to access it by not getting mad.  I always include the whole neighborhood when I do my spiritual work.  It includes the high school students who walk back and forth to school and home, people who drive by, anyone passing by who comes to thought.

After a visit to a nearby antique mall, I saw an old window similar to the one I used for my cold frame.  That started a train of thought where I realized I could remove the cold frame and let the composting process take its course.  In a year or two when the bacteria have fully digested the compost, I can screen it and filter out the glass.  That way, I do not have to worry about getting glass shards in my hands, nor getting glass in the compost mix.

I was grateful for the solution and for not wasting much time on frustration or anger.  I cannot control other people’s feelings or actions, but I can learn to make my own time more and more productive.  This was an opportunity to do so.

I also realized I can take care of many of the items in my garden as they exist and add the next steps to what I have.  Making a list helps me appreciate the abundance of my new starts and aware of the attention I can pay to last season’s plantings.

I can enter a new era of gardening by building on my beginner’s knowledge and adding to it.  
So many old and new friends have gardens and share their experience and plants generously.  I am grateful to be able to expand my garden again this year.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, April 23, 2018

Staying in My Own Mind

Sorting out the confusion over the trauma of early childhood has taken some time.

Interpreting which thoughts are the ones I choose rather than the ones I was taught has taken additional effort.

I am learning that the mind I choose to cultivate as mine is happy and creative.

I am creative whether I am happy or sad, ecstatic or depressed, so I choose the positive version.

I have my own feeling of calmness, so I can notice the contrast when disruption approaches.

I have my own self-respect, so I notice the difference.

I have my own goals, which I love completing.

I love my friends who enjoy the same kinds of activities I do.

There is a consistency to me.

It is okay to be visible.

It is fun to get together and learn and share things in my many craft and homesteading skills groups.

As a matter of fact, I enjoy my life and living in my own mind.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, March 23, 2018

There Is a Healing Way

I am still comforted and amazed by the way healing has come to me.

It tells me that there are healing resources for each of us that meet our individual needs where we are.

Asking for healing is the first step.

Then, despite our deep desperation, that shows we are open to the possibility.

Bit by bit, the light creeps in.

In different ways we acknowledge we are loved, cherished, adored.

We can begin our days with “I love me” and know that it is a powerful and true statement.

We can find ways to be of service.

We can leave our old thought patterns and the environment they created.We lear that we can shape our lies in an uplifting direction.

As we take the steps to do so, that becomes our new life.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Taking Time to Build

I am being forced to take the time to build a sure foundation for peace and happiness in my life.

I am not able to rush off and do something with my new peace and happiness.

I have to just sit and enjoy it as I work on my projects.

Since our Western culture is all about what and when and how much you are selling, I keep trying to direct myself in that direction.

Instead, it works out that I just keep creating more fun and beautiful things with no real plan about selling them.

I think they will be uplifting for a lot of people, but it hasn’t happened yet.

And I am learning to believe that is OK.

It is OK to enjoy living.

It is OK not to fear or live in dread about circumstances which are out of my control.

It is OK to be in happy and comforting and respecting places.

It is OK to keep building up experiences and memories of good times, not just escaping from bad times.

As I build a wider foundation and give myself time to enjoy my relatively new peace and happiness, I will have a stronger base for sharing it with others.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage