Saturday, July 14, 2018

Treasure Yourself and Your Work

Once you discover your individuality and discover its uniqueness, you realize that your purpose will go unfulfilled if you do not do your work.

At first, you cultivate the qualities of good workmanship, craft, timeliness, excellence.

Then, your style begins to emerge as you explore different materials, phrases, vocabulary.

As you infuse yourself with inspiration, your craft supports your emerging style and you find your voice.

As you lift yourself up, by loving and appreciating and recognizing your gift, your diligence, your perseverance, your spirit permeates your work.

Your creativity flows.

You naturally coincide with your materials, workspace and ideas.

What you are communicates itself through your work.

Color, design, shape, form, language all combine to carry your art and your message.

Because you are reaching beyond yourself, your art and your message have a power beyond your personality.

Your willingness to transcend your current view of life leads you to create and to communicate on a higher level.

You bring your viewers and readers with you.

They are compelled by the message they feel.

It is a dance between creator and viewer which you enter as you feel the desire behind your art.

Someone, many, are waiting for you to fulfill your purpose.

So take the step, the many tiny steps, and move yourself beyond your present circumstances.

Trust your art, treasure yourself and your purpose.

Do the work.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, July 1, 2018

To Promote the General Welfare

I offer a proposition:  

That businesses which operate in the US are required to support the principles of The Constitution.

The principle which I am considering is the requirement that a business “promote the general welfare”.

This means that businesses would not have tax advantages, but rather that they were structured to carry tax obligations in order “to promote the general welfare”.

Businesses would not be allowed to pollute the air, water or land because it would not “promote the general welfare”.

Businesses would be structured in ways which would benefit, and not hurt, their employees in order “to promote the general welfare”.

Businesses would practice good stewardship and get their raw materials from local sources in order “to promote the general welfare”.

Insurance practices would “promote the general welfare”.

Education would “promote the general welfare” and provide up to date practices which are known to be good for children.

There would not be a competition for the lowest bidder and lowest grade materials and meaningless jobs.

The whole national attitude would be one of compassion and respect for citizens, not consumers.

Laws would protect against greed and, therefore, its consequences.

There are lots of solutions when the goal is “to promote the general welfare.”

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Democratic Principles

We have been taught democratic principles ever since we were little children.

It is what we believe.

We have learned about the balancing of there three branches of government, the Executive, the  Legislative, and the Supreme Court.

We have breathed those principles when holding meetings through following Robert’s Rules of Order.

We understand the intent of balance to facilitate fairness to this nation’s people.

We understand that government exists at the consent of the governed.

The fact that the government is out of balance and that it was accomplished with that intent is a betrayal of the purpose of democracy.

It is that balance which we seek to restore and safeguard once again.

Democratic principles mean something to us.

We are experiencing an awakening which is mustering a huge grassroots effort.

We intend to restore balance to our government though democratic principles and action.

That is the way our democratic principles are designed.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Be Fearless

Be fearless in the light of your ideals.

Your faithfulness and integrity guide you.

Does something fit well with your ideals?

Then be fearless in pursuing it.

Does it violate your sense of integrity?

Then break off your involvement.

Be faithful and fearless and let your high ideals translate into manifestation.

Observe the distractions around you, but do not fall for them.

Regain your focus on your true nature and work.

What you have to contribute comes from your heart.

Be faithful to what you love and to the uplifting feeling it gives you.

Be sure that you are contributing to the higher nature of expression.

Be fearless in comforting and in lifting up.

Be fearless in your view of the universal goodness of mankind.

Support those who offer an inclusive and generous view of humanity and who put these ideals into practice.

Associate fearlessly with those who are also uplifting mankind in the most appropriate ways.

You will increase what you affirm.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, June 22, 2018

Designed to Rise

I am designed to rise in consciousness and expression.

My ability to embrace the highest ideals and implement them in my life is my most important contribution to society and civilization.

I am able to listen for ideas and turn them into a productive life which uplifts and inspires.

I am designed to find the best and most uplifting solutions and to share them widely.

My potential is to embrace the highest qualities of character within me and to let them shine.

Given the choice of how to live and act, the upward side has the most value.

Giving in to thoughts of exclusivity and smallness keeps a person continually fearful and afraid.

Embracing the largesse of humanity’s potential expands to include everyone.

We all have the opportunity to become bigger by including everyone in our communities.

We can rise in consciousness to think on the scale of universal inclusiveness.

Every time we exercise expansive thinking, we grow stronger with it.

New solutions come to us we see things from a higher and wider view.

We can no longer afford to retreat into the familiar limits.

It is time to realize our larger potential, to rise.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Love Your Ideas

Take all the time you need to develop your ideas.

It is important that you establish a sound foundation.

Learn the required skills and practice them.

Do not be distracted into presenting only a portion of the possibilities.

Explore all aspects and hone their expression.

Your ability to bring fresh ideas into practice helps uplift and inspire those around you.

Your originality is a powerful antidote to mediocrity and apathy.

Your unique and individual viewpoint brings solutions into view that only you can present.

Your voice is powerful when it is sincere and authentic.

Your ideas are beautiful and effective and they have come to you to be expressed.

You are in a good and safe place to express your ideas.

You can trust those around you to understand and appreciate your ideas.

Your community loves your viewpoint.

You can build community around your viewpoint and enlarge it as you share with other points of view.

People will love hearing your definition of your art and ideas.

They will love to hear about the process and your inspiration.

You will continue to attract community the more you express your ideas and include the viewer, the recipient.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Not Being Mad

It takes time to be mad.

Its takes a lot of energy, too.

I have been practicing not getting mad.

It’s just too time-consuming.

Instead, I think about what I love to do, and then I go and do it.

I am much more productive this way.

I am getting a lot of wonderful things done.

I get to see the beautiful fruits of my labor.

I am still mad about some things, but I don’t give them much time at all.

I just head in another thoughtful direction when I feel the anger start to trickle and build.

I really love all the new and beautiful things I am making.

I really love all the time I am spending on designing my new projects.

I have room to receive lots of new ideas.

It is definitely the best use of my time and thought.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage