Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Quick Dealing

A painful memory from the past can be dealt with quickly when there is something wonderful to replace it.

I am so grateful for the steps which have carried me away from past locations so I could reset my mind and emotions.

I am surrounded with so much sincere friendship and enjoyment, that I was able to deal with the intrusion of a painful memory confidently and authoritatively.

I no longer have to appreciate objects for any reason which are attached to memories of shameful and disrupting behavior toward me.

I have new standards now that I realize the wonderful person I am, strong and resilient.

The old patterns of loss and betrayal are the not ones which run my life anymore.

I have been immersed in and surrounded by healthy attitudes of good and decent people for long enough for them to replace the old relationships.

Dealing so quickly with the negative issue allowed me to get back on course and to continue working on my project.

It did not shut me down for any noticeable length of time.

I am up and running and happy with myself and my life.

I am glad to separate myself from the old familiarity of abuse and its counterparts.

I no longer fear, and therefore no longer attract, negative attitudes nor conditions.

I live consciously in the higher life of which I am a part.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Create a Safe Space Within

When there is turmoil and a heavy emotional atmosphere around us, it is important to create a place of calm and safety within.

We can do this by listening quietly as we take our deep breaths.

From a place of calm, we can proceed about our day.

Each time a feeling of urgency or panic tries to interrupt us, we can return to our inner calm as we breathe deeply and slowly.

The enrichment for our day begins here.

As we enter into our peace and calm, we can be surrounded by the ideas we need to complete our project, our shopping list or our day.

We are enriched by ideas for the next step or simply a good route through the traffic.

Our safety depends on calm, alert thinking when we feel pressured or disturbed.

We can find safety as we immerse ourselves in inspired listening and as we take calm and effective action.

We can move ourselves to our mental safety and then to our physical safety whenever needed.

As we practice our response on the little things, it becomes a natural way to handle things when they escalate to a crisis.

By removing ourselves from irritation, taking our deep breaths, and acting from a calm frame, we build up a safe way to proceed.

As we habitually listen for inspiration in our daily lives how to be of service and how to be kind, we are connected with the calm and safe havens we need for ourselves.

We can live in safety whenever and wherever we are as we continually surround ourselves with the calm atmosphere which we choose for ourselves.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, November 4, 2018

What is Needed at the Time

For a long time, I needed comfort in the form of creative projects.

These combatted the feeling of being pushed into a straight line.

If I could create something, I had room to breathe.

Or course, I have ended up with many more materials than I could use to create projects.

I have also had the satisfaction of saturation with comfort.

I have joined many communities of creatives.

The warmth and acceptance on common ground has been consistent.

I feel completely comforted through my association.

Now, as I release so many of my materials and move into following another dream, I move with complete security.

My feelings and memories largely replace the dissociation of being forced into a straight line.

There is room for newness from the basis of a new foundation, a new way which I have had of experiencing the world.

I have the comfort of moving on and releasing many of the props which helped me in the past.

Aspects of moving on are difficult to deal with, but on the whole I am grateful.

I had what I needed at the time.

Now, it is a new time.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Legitimate Fear

A legitimate fear is not a panic attack.

When you can see the pattern’s negative evolution, you do not have to follow it, nor endure it.

When you are around someone in such a deep conviction of despair that there is continual self-sabotage, your need is to lift yourself up and out.

As a child, you may develop coping skills.

Later, you will be compelled to find healing in order to thrive.

Even a nation can be affected by the people who intentionally spread fear.

This is the time to look within and to listen for what you know is true.

You can combat much of the fear by noticing the difference between the lies and the truth.

Then you can direct your own life accordingly and build on what you know to be true.

If it looks like the lies and fear are becoming overwhelming, listen within once again, and below all the fear, you will find guidance and direction.

You may be guided to take action in a particular way.

You will be able to maintain your own safety and that of others as you continue to listen for guidance and to take action.

There are infinite resources within to keep you safe.

Depend on these instead of the fear which is being spread.

Take simple or radical action when and how you are guided.

You will defeat your fear and contribute to the establishment of an overall feeling and practice of well-being.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, October 29, 2018

Living and Thriving

When something takes longer, even much longer than you expect, it is not because it is being delayed.

It is because you are being required to build a really strong foundation.

All the things you need to take the next step have been being built while you were living and developing your life.

Until everything is in place for thriving, it is impossible to move freely.

You also cannot force nor delay a move that is happening on the Universe’s timetable.

You will find yourself caught up in ideas and actions which you did not direct.

Things will resolve themselves in ways which you did not anticipate.

You will be lifted into your highest dreams.

You will find that you are living a life of purpose.

Connections will occur which are outside your field of reference.

You will release many precious things in your present life in order to move higher.

Your sense of sacrifice will allow you to let go in order to serve a higher purpose.

Your ambition will focus in the direction of your intuition.

You will allow yourself to be led.

Even what is beautiful in your present life must go as you rise into a higher sense of your being.

You will willingly take the next steps with a clear sense of direction.

You will let your Higher Power fulfill your life.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Working in Good Company

One of the things I enjoy the most is working on projects in the company of good friends.

The conversation is supportive and helpful.

We enjoy noting the progress on each of our projects.

There is a comfort of feeling the same about our work.

Although we are different ages, we have the same feeling about what we are making.

Each of us has evolved our work from something we love.

It may be something for ourselves or something for someone else, but it is something which satisfies us to do.

We work with our hands, with color, with design.

Some of us are very precise.

Some of us are very creative.

Some of us are working in a new direction.

There is always support, always knowledge, always help.

Generous attitudes lead the day.

It is something being so close in mind and in emotion.

We are cut from the same cloth.

It is a love for what we do and for each other which creates the balance.

It is good to work in company like this.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Stepping Stones

When starting on a new adventure, it is good to have your foot on one stepping stone as you reach for the next step.

That way, it doesn’t feel like you are stepping into thin air.

As I pack up and donate the contents of my house, I feel as though I am on solid ground while preparing for the next step.

I feel good as I lighten my load of possessions.

I feel the promise of newness and fresh views.

The temptation to feel insecure is met by remembering why I am making the change.

It is wonderful to be in the process of following through on a dream.

In my past travels, there were always solutions to whatever was required.

There were wonderful new experiences just in dealing with everyday life.

I always love opportunities to meet new people.

Each location has its own rhythm.

Landscapes, food, transportation, cityscapes, new language sounds, learning to integrate into a new language.

These are some of the ways new experiences take shape.

Moving into the new rhythms takes some time.

Each little bit of language makes it easier.

Each time a route is walked, the new rhythm is established a little better.

Each one is a stepping stone to the next.

After a while, a new platform is built.

The new platform keeps expanding with every new experience.

More communication and understanding results.

The world grows a little more accessible.

There are new friends everywhere.

This is what I look forward to as I move from one stepping stone to the next.

© 2018 Kathryn Hardage