Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pure Joy

Today, I began rubber stamping “” onto the backs of all the affirmation cards I had printed up.

As I read each card, i felt the power of its truth and inspiration.

Over the year and a half that I spent listening for and writing down the affirmations, my life changed dramatically.

I realize now that I began recreating my life from the very first one.

Absorbing and immersing myself in my new intent so consistently, eventually drowned out the old habits with their desired replacements.

Step b step and affirmation by affirmation, I became completely convinced of the power to live my life in a new and confident manner based on my personal priorities and desires.

Mh conviction finally became so powerful that is has now moved me to a new and beautiful location where I spend my time in joy.

When I find the old habit of beating myself into submission to be “in production,” I can no longer just do the work.

My new way to work is in “pure joy”.

I don’t want any other element to go into what I create except “pure joy” , so I quit until I can regain my “pure joy” state of mind.

I take the time to breathe deeply and look across the meadow, and listen to the buzz of dragonflies and the cries of hawks up high in the sky,

I feel the gentle breeze and watch the light and shadow from the clouds play across the ground.

I breathe deeply.  I am happy.  I am peaceful.

Then, when it is time, I will continue my projects.

I am so very glad and satisfied and grateful to know that what I offer the public has only th elements of creativity, imagination and pure joy in each one.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, July 12, 2015

How I Changed the Voices Inside My Head

As I climbed the ladder to my studio loft in search of a new notebook, I surveyed my many delightful projects.  

In the back of my mind, I heard the disparaging voices of bitterness and jealousy telling me I couldn’t possible accomplish what I want.

I found myself stopping and asking, “What if these voices had encouraged me instead?”

Right then and there, I felt the feelings of my own encouragement and persistence and creativity and enjoyment.

I read some of the affirmation cards I have been writing for myself and felt my own power surge through me.

I have taken possession of myself and I trust my inner guiding light.

These old replays have just lost their audience.

I finally have created enough new and happy habits of thought to turn them away.

I am very happy to report this new step.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage