Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Good Life

I am learning that whatever I identity with becomes part of my life.

It may be pleasant or it may be negative..

Either way, I am choosing what I am.

When I return to negative elements of the past, I am recreating a negative life.

When I embrace the presence of what I truly desire that is good, I create a wonderful life.

The people who are creating the same kind of world that I am show up in mine.

I am protected from negative versions of life when I trust the good life I am creating for myself.

 2015 Kathryn Hardage

My Overflowing Happiness

We have been studying “A Course in Miracles” for seventy-four days.

It is working a gentle and radical change of viewpoint.

I have heard many of the same phrases in other spiritual teachings.

It is interesting to see how each new step enhances my life.

Sometimes it is disorienting for a while as my mind finds its way into this new relationship.

The most wonderful feeling though, is that of overflowing happiness.

It is becoming a more consistent and deep feeling.

Right where I am, right there in front of me, I have all I need.

I am happy.

I am satisfied.

I am beautiful.

I am whole.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Driven to New Ground

I was driven to find a new way to celebrate the holidays because of my intense emotional discomfort.

At first I thought that as I uncovered the ”hidden drivers” and healed them, I would be able to return to the old traditions.

Instead, I find myself very calmly and consistently directed to remain separate and to keep my peace.

It is a though I have found a hidden country.

I am in plain sight, but I am in a new place.

As m peaceful experience expands during the holidays, I look forward to hosting an entirely different experience for others.

A quiet day in a natural setting, appreciating Nature’s gifts.

As part of my year-round inspirational practice, I write meditations so that all may feel loved, cherished, adored.

When the crunch of media harassment for the holidays begins, I invite all who come in range of my thought to take three deep breaths and to feel deep peace.

I intend that my meditations help direct and fulfill thought to that end.

I encourage you to seek out and practice peaceful moments all year and to especially take the time to continue this practice during the holidays.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Repeating the Cycle, Reliving the Pain

I have completely reformed, as in changed, my holiday seasonal celebrations as of several years ago.

I stepped off the gift-giving and receiving cycle, the family gatherings, and the tension of planning and executing events.

Instead, I substituted recognizing and celebrating my spiritual concept of individuals throughout the year.

In my service groups, I have expanded my giving to those in direct, often desperate, need.

Instead of hoping my well-employed and supplied adult children will like what I made for them each year, I do what I did when they were little.

I remember and acknowledge their spiritual qualities and spiritual identity; and I know that God cares for them in every detail.

The things I make for them, I think of as my recognition of their spiritual gifts.

My grandchildren, too, receive amazing presents from their parents, so I feel free in gifting them with what I feel is appropriate for them from our museum and bookstore trips, plus whatever I enjoy making for them.

This viewpoint is something I can give throughout the year to everyone whenever I think about a relative, friend or acquaintance.

I have been moved to celebrate in an entirely new way that does not depend on traditional holiday rituals and practices.

Despite the all-pervading cultural ritual, I am most comfortable on my new ground.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Healing Meditation

A friend was facing surgery.  I wrote this healing meditation for her.

Divine Law is a healing fact.

It is in operation for everyone, all the time, in every circumstance.

Nothing overrides Divine Law.

It is the only Power.

It is all-active throughout every aspect of life and throughout every aspect of the body.

The body is here for our expression of God’s qualities.

Integrity, harmony, balance, love, tenderness, compassion.

These divine qualities never deteriorate or degrade in any way.

Since we express these and many, many more, no belief of deterioration or degradation can attach itself to us or our bodies.

It is a spiritual impossibility.

That is what gives this meditation its power.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage