Thursday, August 17, 2017

Every Day a Healing Day

Every day of calm is a day of healing.

I have learned not to get too excited, either through happiness or sadness.

It can trigger an emotional level of overstimulation which leads to pain and the remembrance of trauma.

I used to feel that I had to become strong enough or accomplished enough to overcome my pain and PTSD.

Now, I feel relieved to know that the more I keep myself in a state of calm, the more I am healing.

I allow myself time to heal when old memories trigger unbearable pain.

I respect the time it takes to bring myself back into a feeling of well-being.

I am compassionate toward myself and I no longer bury nor trivialize the pain.

I respect my power and what it took to diminish it.

I respect how I am being helped and guided to build it up to much more than it was when I was a helpless child.

I can do this for myself.

I can comfort and protect and love and nurture that child within me.

She is worth it.  I am worth it.

We are precious, she and I.  We are one.

And I am calm once again.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, August 10, 2017

My Life is not Rushed

My life is no longer rushed.

Partly, it is because I am no longer in the “rat race”.

I am doing the things I love, and I am doing a lot of them.

I go to several groups every week, where I learn and practice.

But I don’t rush to them.

I don’t hurry myself through my projects, unless I decide I particularly want to.

I no longer have “too much” to do.

The more I look at my past experiences rising a large family in a large metropolitan area, the more I see solutions which are built on the idea of a small community.

A small community can exist within a large metropolitan area defined by the people and ideas within it.

Being assured of the services and things we need being in close proximity helps alleviate rush.

We can provide the services we need for each other.

We can share transportation or work from home.

Our cottage industries can provide some of the things we need.

Right where we are, right in front of us, are solutions to redefine our lives to get rid of the “rush”.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, August 7, 2017

Filled with Good, No Other Memory

Increasing our sense of the present, of now, increases our ability to let go of the past.

As we cultivate the presence of good in our lives it begins to take up some of the space we devoted to memory.

Living in the “now” and doing the things we love, changes the direction of our lives.

Basing what we do on what we love overcomes past influences.

Reminders of the past come into thought from time to time.

They have no significance once we consistently put the weight of our thought into what we currently love.

We build up experiences in our lives which reflect the direction we choose for ourselves.

We choose good, we choose what is appropriate for our sense of ourselves, we choose happiness.

The influence of someone else’s concept of life from our past is no longer relevant.

We fill our lives with good, and release any other memory.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, August 3, 2017

When You Become Irrelevant

When you become irrelevant, it is time to find a new niche.

You have grown beyond your past surroundings.

You have a new role, which has yet to be defined.

Instead of it being defined by your past experiences, you are now ready for something new.

In your present experience, you now have room to move in a different direction.

You have room to discover a new skill or improve a skill you already have.

You have room to connect with new people and to appreciate their views.

You have room to become bigger than your previous role in life.

The discomfort you feel in your new irrelevancy is actually a good thing.

It is pointing you toward something much more fulfilling.

It is OK to invent a whole new life for yourself.

You have much better tools than when you were first starting out.

You can use them in wonderful ways.

You can use your considerable life experience and wisdom to benefit yourself.

It is time to take a new step, a new turn, and to find a totally new kind of satisfaction.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Creating Happiness

I am in a defined mental, physical and spiritual space in which I can create happiness for myself.

As I create happiness for myself, it expands around me.

I can create happiness within and without.

It is my nature to be happy and to express myself naturally in happy ways.

I can draw on the elements around me to create happiness, and I can draw elements toward me to to create happiness.

I can overflow tie happiness when I make sure I have room to do what I love to do.

The more I respect and honor what I love to do and actively engage in doing it the more happiness I create for myself.

Being constantly happy shows me that I have taken conscious control of my mental, physical, and spiritual space.

I naturally live happily in the space I have create to do what I love to do.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, July 28, 2017

Trust Your Courage

You can live your true identity.

Trust your desire and your courage to do so.

There is always room to do what you love.

The more you devote yourself to doing it, the more opportunities you will receive.

Your life will evolve into a complete expression of what you love as long as you consistently devote thought and time to it.

You can take the steps you need to at the time you need to take them.

Once you begin, adjustments can be made, either by your initiative or by intervention from the Universe.

You are not here to live a fearful and oppressed life.

All Nature grows, and we are designed to grow as well.

As your identity evolves and you become more conscious of it, you will find that you fit into your surroundings in a succession of ways.

Just as Nature’s landscapes succeed seasonally and over longer periods of time, your identity will expand and recess to include new skills and new areas of expression.

Your courage to commit to your identity will naturally lead you to be in the places you need to be, doing what you need to do in order to proceed into and through the next stage of succession.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Feed Your Soul

Stay close to what you love.

Don’t ever leave it, unless you want to observe the contrast to what nurtures you.

Place yourself in an environment which comforts you and in which you can give comfort.

Live your ideals; it can be done.

Your body responds in ways that are healthy and calm and have a rhythm and a flow when you are where you love to be.

Your body can only live on high alert so much of the time.

Constant high alert is not healthy and does not give you restorative rest.

You provide a nurturing environment for yourself when you stay true to your vision and create the ideas which uplift you and others.

You feed your soul when you are honest about what drives you.

You create the habit of finding happiness when you stay close to what you love and continually develop it.

When you satisfy your soul, you will satisfy every other need.

Be true and honest and creative, and consistent and keep on moving toward your highest expression.

You will never be disappointed as long as this is your direction.

You will reach your destination over and over again and keep raising the bar.

Your unlimited soul expression will always nurture you and others who are ready to receive the benefits of what you do.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Imbalance is not Permanent

Although things may seem to be off balance for a while, or even for a long time, the human system tends towards balance.

Even when laws are dictated which cause imbalance in society, at some point the system begins correcting for itself.

I am noticing this because things seem to be a bit out of balance for me.

I know I am reacting to situations from the past and I know that I have learned how to deal with them.

I am just having to make the effort at reconciliation, and then the accounts of my life will be balanced again once more.

I am glad to know how this works.

Even though there are many skills that I did not absorb in a natural step-by-step manner because I was thrown so out-of-step as a child, I can still gain them.

I just have to be more conscious and appreciative of those skills as I add them into my life.

They are coming because I desire to live my life in balance.

I desire to know what I can count on, and as it turns out, that is myself.

I can come through for myself now in ways that were not forthcoming when I was a child.

I can add to the natural balance in my life with the conscious use of my intelligence, compassion, patience and even humor.

When I feel compassion for myself and then take the steps I need, I am able to experience the balance in my life that I desire.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, July 17, 2017


I am discovering that things actually do get easier.

Appropriate changes produce deep results.

There are some significant things which have become easier for me even though they were extremely difficult in the past.

I now have the resources to look at things differently and I can get them done within a normal and comfortable flow.

The habit of having too much to do in too little time with too few resources has been hard to break.

Now that I can break down what I have to do into small increments, many things have become possible.

Also, I simply don’t take on certain kinds of things which I was required to do in the past.

That helps a lot.

I am grateful for the freedom to live my life in balance, and to learn how to restructure it so it is easier to do the things I want to do.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, July 14, 2017

Outgrown or Untrue

Whatever is outgrown, we can release.

The same applies to whatever is untrue.

When we get a better concept, we can live up to that.

We don’t really have time to regret what we didn’t know or couldn’t control from the past.

When it becomes intolerable to live a certain way, we change, and we are free to pursue a better way.

Those who appreciate the change continue to be our friends and associates.

Those who do not, find other paths and friends, even family surrogates.

Family living is so intense and there are so many pressures on families.

It is wonderful when ties are maintained that are compatible and friendly.

It is also OK to move on to find others of like-mind.

I do not like losing my family members to others, but I have had to move on from my family of origen, so I can understand the need.

We gain more experiences through the jobs we hold and we look forward to advancement.

We develop more refined abilities to deal with challenges.

We outgrow our previous concept of ourselves.

We reform and expand our viewpoints.

It is natural to move into a better framework.

It is natural to release what is outgrown and establish a better sense of life.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Natural Prosperity

In order to feel the breeze, you have to place yourself right in front of the window.

In order to feel the influence of inspiration, you have to place yourself in an open and willing frame of mind.

The ideas are always there, within your being.

When you are quiet and receptive, you can feel them and hear their guidance.

It is important to develop a daily practice of listening.

The ideas which mean the most will come to you.

You will be compelled to share them.

It is your contribution to society and civilization, your way of helping uplift and inspire and bless.

What you do will also lift you up.

As you develop the capacity to receive and share ideas, you will become stronger in your expression.

You will expand your knowledge and your capacity to bless.

The open window of ideas is positive, uplifting expression.

It is unselfish because it is available to all.

It is generous because it feels no limitations.

It is immediate, because ideas are always available.

Everyone around you can and does feel this influence.

You become the expression of a flow of uplifting and inspiring ideas which infuse the atmosphere around you.

Place yourself in front of this window.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Helpfulness Expansion

My cocoon is the safety I now feel out in the world.

Instead of being a focal point for pain, I have now expanded my sense of where I can find help.

I made this discovery when I was facing a yearly event that reminded me of my helplessness as a child.

I was able to expand my view to realize that if I had not been afraid to ask for help, there were many people, including strangers who would have rendered aid.

I resolved at that time to look at people as those whom I could ask for help.

I now know there is a high probability that I would have found help very quickly.

Even asking those who were not able to give help would have allowed me to continue asking until I found help.

This view is helping me expand my sense of the world as having many safe harbors.

Just because my own home was not safe, does not mean that there is no safety.

And, even at that time, there was safety, if only I had known I could ask for help.

This is a helpful discovery for me to make and goes a long way toward helping me expand my view when I feel panicky.

I can reach out into the world beyond my body, my home, my car, and include those along the way who are potential helpers.

By articulating my distress to myself, and knowing that as an adult I have access to help, I can ask for it and receive it.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, July 10, 2017

Glorious Things

Listening for the inspiration and strength to go about our day can be expanded into the realm of glorious things.

In asking for insight and guidance, we can experience them in both the mundane and the innovative.

Our energy is concentrated and focused when we are pursing a goal we desire greatly.

We can feel the uplift of new ideas for accomplishment.

We have room to receive wonderful ideas and to be invigorated in their expression.

We have access to the greatest ideas and resources possible through our practice of inner  listening and taking outward action.

We can see both little and big accomplishments.

We can take both little and big steps as we gain practice and resources.

Giving ourselves wholly to what we love, and withstanding doubts moves us rapidly in the right direction.

We can move confidently in the direction of our dreams standing on a firm foundation.

We can accomplish the glorious things that we envision.

We attract people of like mind on our way, and they add energy to our vision.

Others drop away as we gain our stride and gain momentum.

Finally, as we near our goal, all who will benefit are swept up in its fulfillment.

The glorious things we envision persistently become our reality.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage