Friday, February 27, 2015

Never Accept Prison

It is not necessary to accept the prison that was built around you.

The people who built it are not in charge of you.

You are.

By dissolving your prison bars through distraction, claiming your own power, and forgiveness, you can create a release program for yourself.

I have many ways of distracting myself when I feel myself getting anxious and then depressed.

I am better and better at catching myself before I get on the downward spiral.

Many writers and their books and workshops taught me how the mind worked and gave me courage to latch on to their uplifting teachings.

Hardest was the work on forgiveness.  I read Collin Tipping’s book, RADICAL FORGIVENESS and used the worksheet many times.

I just didn’t want to carry that weight around anymore.

Finally, the scales tipped and I am able to direct or redirect my thought when needed.

Now, I am more active in creating the wonderful life I desired.

I realize that I no longer have to carry out the hidden directives of my parents.

I can carry out my own directives and direct them to the wonderful life of my own choosing.

I am grateful for the many writers, their trials and their strengths in overcoming their obstacles.

Each time I take a new step in establishing my freedom, I am dissolving one of the bars of my old prison.

The bars are dissolved, the walls are down.

It is wonderful to be able to say that now I live in a beautiful place of my own creating, doing work that I value and love, and that other people also value and love.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Withdrawing From Anger

The most pervasive emotion I ever experienced was anger.

There was so much anger in my family, that this was the emotion I found affecting the majority of my life.

When it came to light, it was almost comical.

I had been studying the Book of Virtues in order to share some of its ideas in my songs for pre-schoolers.

Very early in the list of virtues is abstaining from anger.

There was so much unnoticed anger in my life, hidden as harsh criticism, that it made me mad, (I am not kidding), to read about this virtue.

I quit reading the rest of the book for a year and a half.

In fact, I gave it away, and had to reorder a new copy to continue my study.

What I have noticed, as I began to rigorously and consistently displace anger with appreciation and calm, is that certain health issues have ceased and desisted.

My diet has changed, because I have been able to notice the effects of certain food practices which also heightened my discomfort.

I am pursuing a different life career instead of trying to calm myself down in order to get through the one that was chosen for me.

I have sought out what really makes me happy, and found opportunities for service as well as developing a new product line.

I no longer get as impatient when I dealing with various circumstances or people, because I can feel the effects of even this tinier kind of anger.

I am grateful to be happier, more fulfilled, and pleasanter to be around, I can tell you.

It is a relief to me and to the people who love me anyway.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I Redeem Myself

I redeem myself for past unkindnesses by becoming kinder.

I redeem myself from past harshness by becoming softer.

I redeem myself from past impatience by becoming patient.

I redeem myself from past actions by changing my motives.

I redeem myself from past unfairnesses by becoming fair.

I redeem myself from past lack of consideration by becoming considerate.

I arise from the victimization and cruelty of my past to become kind, confident, secure.

I see the victims of my past arise and become capable, confident, secure as well.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, February 16, 2015

Moving Away From Panic

I realized today as self-doubt set in that it was historic and came from sources other than myself.  

It took a little while to get back on the track, but then My Universe kicked in, the Universe I have chosen to live in.

I love what I am doing with my time.

I love how many ways have come to me to be of service.

I love all the new uplifting ideas that continue to add to my product lines and how people are beginning to respond to the new energy that is me.

I love all the newfound ways to market my uplifting product lines.

I love being receptive to good and uplifting ideas.

Up, up, up, not down to despair anymore.

Up, up, up, not getting caught in someone’s else’s net.

Up, up, up, out of historical patterns imprinted on me when I was too young to know how to deal with them.

But deal with them I have, and shall continue to do so as required.

I am an adult, and I made different choices than my parents did.

I am responsible for my wonderful life.

I know how to live the way I want to.

This is My Live and I am living in My Wonderful Universe.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, February 13, 2015

Listening to Deep Feelings

I am so grateful to be associated with the deep feelings within me.

With all the commotion around me, and the habits of the past, it has been a real breakthrough to be quiet for long enough to feel the deep feelings within.

In the deep peace and quiet, I simply feel calm.

Whenever actions come out of this, they are sure and certain, and happen without delay.

I am able to do things without panic, even things which were unapproachable or confused earlier.

My deep feelings of peace are like the root structures deep in the ground between trees.

Apparently, trees communicate and send nutrients back and forth where they are needed.

In the same sense, like minds find me and we share our uplifting and courageous stories.

We encourage each other through our associations.

We appreciate the projects and goals we have been led to accomplish.

We nurture and uplift each other.

Listening to my deep feelings has put me on a completely different path, not only in content, but in a confident and satisfying approach.

It is a wonderful thing to be connected to your actual purpose, and to find the resources for it easily within reach.

Turning from my old path, with its familiar course, required many new resources which I had to discover for the first time.

This work has built a foundation for my new path, which fits me much more harmoniously and comfortably.

I am grateful for the disruption which finally clued me into the fact that I was far away from my true desires, and made it intolerable to continue in the old way any more.

Now, the rigorous work of learning how to listen more and more deeply, has built a new practice which has created my new life.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage