Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It Comes From the Inside

It seems backwards, but whatever you are missing can only be supplied from the inside.

Becoming a friend to some else, addresses loneliness.

Service to a youth group or even fostering or adoption, addresses a desire for parenting and mentoring.

Learning new skills addresses boredom and lack of activity.

Simple acts of kindness to your body, like learning to eat differently is effective for protecting your health and digestion.

Moving in ways which support your body shows that you respect it and appreciate all the work that it does for you.

Volunteering in the community gives you a connection with like-minded, generous people.

Outreach always beats anything you feel you are lacking.

Self-appreciation helps you glow by recognizing your inward Source, Who loves you.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Inner Sanctuary

I am sitting tight here as Christmas Day gets closer.

The tension is rising as everyone rushes to get their Christmas shopping done.

Even at my quilt store sanctuary, there is tension and the sadness of some people not being with a family group.

I have withdrawn into an inner sanctuary symbolized by the space in my daughter’s home where I am sewing, knitting and cooking.

Earlier, I decided not to resist the still impenetrable emotional firewalls, and instead bless them for being in place.

I am not yet prepared to deal with what is on the other side.

I came  the conclusion that it is OK to wait until I gain the skills to deal with the past violence and to leave it alone even in memory as much as I can at this time of year.

And I am grateful to say I am doing really well, for me.

I am still upright and functioning, not buried in bed with the covers over my head and a six-week migraine.

I have made it easier and easier for me to function at this time of year.

No pressure for presents.

I will make some things after the celebration.

I will complete the things I already made later as well.

I am no longer tied to the date to express my appreciation for the wonderful people in my life.  

I send things to them at different times of the year.

I do not have to measure anyone else’s expression toward me by a date either.

We are all dealing with our own life situations, positive and negative.

So, my holiday blessing is less and less pressure on myself and others.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, December 16, 2016

What We Love

Love, wisdom, expression, meaning intelligence, and purpose are part of everyone we know and part of every one we do not know, all over the planet.

Everyone is made up of the same qualities.

That is how we recognize one another.

We can only perceive what we are.

Anything that we see and appreciate in anyone, is in all of us.

It is a universal quality of life.

It passes from the Universe to us and through us, and back to the Universe.

It is a flow of ideas and qualities.

The qualities that make the most sense to us are the ones we manifest.

And we manifest most that which we love.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Maintaining My Body

When I turned forty years old, I decided that I wanted to cultivate a healthy and strong body for the rest of my life.

I found an unusual exercise book at the Half-Price Bookstore.

In the photos, it showed a muscle I had never seen before.

It was the long thigh muscle on the back of the leg.

I began trying to do the very gentle exercises even when I couldn’t perform them.

I just kept trying out the postures and attempting the exercises.

Eventually, after seven months, I was able to lift my leg to develop the thigh muscle on the back of the leg.

When it finally took shape, I laughed!

I am very short, about 4’10”.

That long thigh muscle on the back of the leg on the much taller model, looked about twelve inches long.

On the back of my leg, it is about three inches long, if that(!).

However, all the rest of the supporting exercises kept toning me and making it easier and easier to move during my rigorous pre-school music classes, a total of twenty-nine years begun when I was thirty-four years old.

When I retired, I was in good shape.

Even though I no longer teach the rigorous schedule I once had, the deep muscle training has remained with me.

I have to revive it from time to time, and I even add on to it.

I have had to learn to eat differently and better to compliment what is going on inside the body with what is going on outside it.

But I am happy and satisfied with the direction I am going with my body.

I am very pleased to be able to say that.

(The book I found is called “Callanetics”, by Callan Pinckney.  I even enjoyed the fact that one of her videos featured a short round person like myself!  And also her seventy-year old mother.)

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, December 2, 2016

I Am Completely Acceptable

In my natural environment, the one that fits me perfectly, I am completely acceptable.

It is a perfect fit, and I fit in easily, because it harmonizes with my nature.

I am free to express who I really am.

I am recognized and appreciated.

My skills and contribution make sense.

They are useful.

I am sought after for what I know and can do.

I am valued and I play an important role in my community.

I enjoy the other skilled community members, and I value their contributions.

We all fit together because each skill compliments the others.

There is a lot of joy because we each love our work.

Our community thrives on accepting and valuing each other.

We all experience a naturally uplifting way to live.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Validation and Comfort

Validation and comfort come from the Infinite Universe.

Though they are often expressed by family and friends, that is not where they originate.

When we seek them only from family or people we know, these qualities are irrelevant.

They do not have the far-reaching effects as when we realize their infinite Source.

We can step into the infinite flow of validation and comfort, and receive and give it ourselves.

These are qualities that never run out and are never cut off.

When we do the things which uplift ourselves and others, we are in the flow of validation and comfort.

What we receive, we give, regardless of the situation or interpretation.

We keep being and acting the highest way we know how.

Increased practice makes us more competent and consistent.

When we no longer look for validation or comfort from any other Source, we live in happiness and certainty.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There is Only Light

What is needed is light.

Old patterns and habits are inconsistent.

They break down and clutter the situation.

Who cares what the last version looked like?

When there is enough spiritual light, the problem dissolves.

We can only be in the presence of those who live in Light.

Only those who live in Light can be in our presence.

That is who we are, since we are all created by the Source of Light.

In our enlightened form, there is no past hurt.

There is only the the calm mentality and certainty of light.

There is wisdom, calm, harmony, respect for all parties.

There is comfort.

There is peace.

Fear disappears.

Light, respect, love permeate all parties.

There is only Light.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, November 26, 2016

I Have My Own

Even though who I am was so deeply hidden from me through the long-term effects of child trauma, I have found myself.

I have released the things which were imposed on me and found the things which truly mean something to me.

While I kept trying to figure out why I belonged nowhere, my mind was constantly in a search mode to find where I did belong.

This has happened in a combination of both gentle and radical ways, and I have found a good fit which is constantly expanding.

The old associations are tough to deal with, so I spend as little time as possible in them.

My new associations are, like my new self, gentle, non-judgmental, accepting and supportive.

Things make sense to me from this viewpoint.

They fit.

I fit.

I do have what belongs to me.

I have my own.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, November 25, 2016

A New Start in Play

I am just going to play.

I am not going to try to accomplish anything, just experience the feeling of playing.

Just the sensations of color and texture and shape and design.

What pleases me.

What feels blessed and ecstatic.

The joy.

All I do is play and the world feels lighter for having me in it.

It recognizes me and supports me for my joy.

It celebrates my happiness in who I am and rewards me in abundance for my joy.

I am a treasured and loved entity in my joy.

I am cherished and safe with my joy.

I play and I am joyful and safe and I love in abundance.

That is who I am and how I live.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In My New Universe

In the new place I live, I am happy relaxed, companioned by good friends.

I have enable conversations while saying quilting, weaving, spinning and knitting activities.

I live in beautiful country surroundings.

I eat healthy, mostly organic, food.

There has been so much healing for me in this nurturing atmosphere.

Occasionally, I am reminded of something negative from the past.

Before I get very far into the old feelings, I am now able to remind myself that I live in a new universe.

Because I have acquired so many good feelings from so many good experiences, I move my thought easily black into peace and happiness.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, November 19, 2016

No Interference

Anything that interferes with “I love me” is irrelevant.

No memory or event from the past has the legitimacy of undermining our feeling of freedom.

So may experiences and illusions had to be dissolved in order to get to a point of self-appreciation.

Now that the work has been done, nothing has the right to take it away.

Through solving the problems related to self-worth, a new foundation for living has been built.

Further revelations about whys and wherefores for past behaviors are no longer useful now that there is a new foundation.

Only what contributes to the new life has validity.

“I love me” is the only way forward.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It's Natural

It is natural for good to flow.

It is, after all, one of our natural resources.

We always have something good to share.

An uplifting comment, a smile.

Since we all are precious, we are free to receive what is good.

There is a need for each of us.

We each have a valuable purpose.

It comes from within.

We build our lives on that conviction.

We love, we love, we love.

We create a new atmosphere in which to live.

We create it for ourselves.

And as we interact with each other, we naturally create it in and for our community.

Our contribution is appreciated.

The kingdom of heaven is within each one of us.

When we share, it manifests around us.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Benefit of the Doubt

Despite the rampant fear, let us give each other the benefit of the doubt.

Doubt says, “You may be OK”, rather than, “I know you are bad”.

Doubt says, “You may be an interesting friend”, rather than “I know you are a boring enemy”.

Doubt says, “You may be a kind person”, rather than, “I know you are mean”.

Doubt says, “We may be able to to get along”, rather than, “I know we have nothing in common and never will”.

Let us give each other that benefit, of the doubt, and let’s start the conversation.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Healthful Practices

Today, my day is about rest.

I will take a break from the excitement and harassment of the media.

I will breathe deeply in appreciation of the gifts which I can always express: compassion, hope, calm, receptivity to good ideas.

I will do things I enjoy.

I will continue to make beautiful things.

I will exercise my right to a relaxed, intelligent state of mind.

I will continue to be gently productive, with no rush and no pressure.

This is the life I choose for myself, even while chaos knocks at my door.

Internally, I know how to influence my body through my thinking.

I will not go that dangerous and unhealthful route again.

I will help find solutions through considered thought and dialogue.

We are all neighbors in our world neighborhood.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage