Sunday, April 30, 2017

Resources Within

I am discovering resources within which I never knew were there.

By habitually looking within in order to escape the distracting noise around me, I am finding a constant unlimited Source.

When I listen quietly, and allow the noise to dissipate, I am led to take steps which comfort me.

These steps sometimes lead to creation of new products.

Sometimes they lead me to simple organization.

My idea of supply has completely changed from wealth creation in the form of aggressive business practices to thought-wealth creation in the form of service.

Apparently, that is the key to unlimited product development which uplifts.

It is easy to find interest in such things.

It is delightful to feel the support of meeting a need.

It is amazing to find solutions to the mundane at the same time as reaching for more inspiration.

I am finding a satisfaction I never knew existed.

I am being connected to people who love what I do.

I am no longer trying to repair the past.

I am moving forward into a new life of success and attraction.

My new path is not something I could have anticipated, because it exceeds anything else I have ever known or seen.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Gentle Steps

I am taking gentle steps as I package my inspirational cards and graphics for a booth presentation.

I am aware of the growth I experienced all along the way as I created them.

Gentle, slow, calming, repetitious lines.

Gentle attention to simple shapes.

I want people to feel the power of the gentle persistent presence of these ideas in their lives.

I love the simple clear cellophane envelopes that show the cards.

I love the chipboard that keeps them from bending.

I love the ribbon and raffia that I use to tie the small cards in packets.

I love the quilt I made that covers my exhibit table.

I love the doll rocker and doll bed that will hold the large and small cards.

Everything is simple.

I want the messages to stand out, but in a way that lets everyone feel gently cradled by their elevating inspiration.

© 201 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Good Friends and Good Progress

After a craft group meeting, it always feels good to visit with other folks.

Being among good friends who are willing to share their knowledge expands the feeling of community.

It is great to carry that feeling home with me.

I am able to get things done more easily after sharing good feelings with my friends.

I have been organizing my yarn and weaving supplies, and now they have taken on a new efficiency.

I can get to all of them on shelves and in boxes.

I have more room to walk through my studio.

It gives me a sense that I am making progress on what is on the looms and on the knitting needles, and also that I can get my future enjoyable projects done as well.

As I clean around the new spaces I am creating, it is easy to feel good.

I love having access to two more sewing machines.

I look forward to the projects I will set up on them.

My better organized space will also make it easy to package my new inspirational graphics and affirmations once I get them from the printer.

I love the feeling that good friends give to making progress.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Up, Not Down

The tendency to get upset over the news or over personal events can be very tempting.

The price amplifies the discontent and hurt.

Instead, taking a stand, just in general, for finding an uplifting thought, can smooth over rough beginnings, and provide a courageous launch for the day.

Courageous launches may have to be employed on a continuing basis throughout the day as large and small issues come up.

The difference between the end of a day where anger and frustration have been indulged and one where solutions have been sought and found is dramatic.

A day filled with building and amplifying anger feels very different from one where solutions have been sought.

Choosing the type of mental activity gives a person a sense of overwhelming distress or of a few new steps in building an enduring foundation.

As I gained the tools for building an enduring foundation for myself, I continued to have opportunities to see the contrasting results of habitual anger.

Gradually, these have been replaced with more and upward foundation building, and my life has changed in amazing and distinctive ways.

Now, when I feel an overwhelming sense of panic  or anger, I know I am not facing a current situation, merely one that is triggering those emotions.

I can take moment to remember my new steps for building an enduring foundation, and alleviate the symptoms somewhat.

As I practice this, I am reconstituting all the myriad fragments of the charred remains of the anger that was directed toward me.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Give Without Need

What do you need?

Do you have happiness in some way?

Can you appreciate the beauty of a sunset?

Can you share some time with a friend?

When you give yourself a moment to take a deep breath, can you feel the calm?

These are symbols of your infinite unlimited gifts from within.

Design, purpose, meaning are all present within you in unlimited ways.

You have so many ways you can give using these resources.

As you develop the idea which you love the most, you draw on these and other resources.

How will they benefit those you want to serve?

How will this fulfill your own talents and expand your ability to express your highest ideals?

These are ways you can give without needing anything.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Giving Inspiration

Sometimes I can give right away, and sometimes it takes a little longer.

I love it when I wake up inspired and I can receive wonderful ideas right away.

Sometimes I need to slowly regain my inspiration through meditation or study.

From a consistent practice of study since I was a child, I know that I will find the daily inspiration, the solutions to whatever the day brings.

I have always responded to what the day brings, but now I am finding I can shape it.

My inspiration brings what I need and enjoy, as soon as I can claim the whole of it.

With my confidence in how spirit shapes my life, I can give direction to it.

I can let it shine on whatever I am looking at.

Then everything and everyone in my life receives a little boost.

I feel good about them and I feel good about myself.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, April 17, 2017

So Full

Overflowing ideas, with an infinite more continuing to flow.

That is how I feel, sending my first printing order to be done.

Ideas that don’t pan out for some reason or another, are OK.

They, too, are part of the flow.

But to stop doing something because one or a dozen ideas didn’t work, is ridiculous.

Do you still have more ideas?

Keep working with them.

They are coming together in different ways.

Your willingness to invest in your ideas, both in time and money, shows your interest and sincerity in manifesting them.

This gives more and more power to your ideas.

When everything needful is done, you will see both the purpose and the presence of your ideas, and so will others.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Little Messages

This morning, I opened a translation of the Bible into modern English called “The Message”, at Psalm:130.

I bought it at a used bookstore, and it had a bookmark there.

The bookmark was a photograph of a young couple, and it was addressed “To: Katherine”.

That is not how I spell my name, but when I began reading the psalm, I knew why I found it there.

The psalm begins “Help, God - the bottom has fallen out of my life!”

It continues a little later, “As it turns out, forgiveness is your habit.”  

And “with God’s arrival comes love.”

I have been dealing with some challenges, and having to find out a completely new way of dealing with them.

This psalm has some very comforting information in it.

The bottom has not fallen out of my life today, far from it, but it has in the past.

I am grateful for the tools of affirmation and the little messages  that come specifically to us right when we need them.

There are, and always will be, challenges, and there always will be ways of dealing with them, directed specifically to you, even if “the bottom has fallen out of your life”.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Dimension I Live In

Although I read the news and participate in all the daily life in my community, I live in an internal dimension.

My internal dimension consists of my thoughts.

They determine how my day goes.

My internal dimension is described as inner peace, listening for guidance, and feeling a comforting Presence.

When the outside threat appears so bad as to reduce me to tears, I know that I can take a few calming breaths to take myself back to a place of sanity.

The principles of authentic living can never be rolled back, not by war or by executive orders, or by any other representation of misdirection and fear.

The dimension I live in is full of delight and wholeness, even while I watch the pitiable actions of the so-called “elite”.

I know that what I have, along with my fellow citizens, is intelligence, humor, and other amazing resources.

I know our true riches, and I know they are built on the timeless principles which promote well-being and community.

So what if we are far down a dying path!

Good.  Let us come to the end of it, and make a new one!

Let this new path include everyone in its beauty and bounty and delight.

The human mind was designed to solve puzzles.

Let’s solve this one.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Create More Freedom for Yourself

You create your freedom through the ideas which come to you.

The thoughts which release you are the ones which let you give service.

The freedom you create is not limited to your own circumstances.

Just the thought of freedom opens a connection to productive ideas.

You can improve the ideas which come directly to you the best.

And they are the ones which can help you realize more freedom.

If you are carrying out directions for someone else, you are helping create their freedom.

When you do excellent work, you are setting a standard for yourself.

The combined efforts of those who are consciously working to uplift, comfort, advance, and expand create more and more freedom for everyone associated with them.

Each person sees from a distinct viewpoint.

As each need is covered from each viewpoint, a product or service is created to meet the needs seen from all those viewpoints.

in this way, more freedom for yourself always results in more freedom for everyone else.

Sharing a community of ideas for service or a product meets needs.

This creates a life of freedom which  improves life for all who are involved, from idea conception to product delivery.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Not Everything Perfect

You don’t have to have everything perfect in order to move forward.

You can take one tiny step and it will release you.

When you keep taking the tiny steps, they will add up into one regular step, or even one big step.

All those little acknowledgements that you can live better have an effect.

They are not dependent on outside factors.

You can always contribute a higher thought about yourself to yourself.

This is where the most important action takes place.

It is part of your thought-wealth.

Thought by thought, it lets you lift yourself into thought-wealth instead of remaining in thought-poverty.

You think so many thoughts in a day, even in just a minute.

The ones that are the most desirable are the ones that lift you up.

Looking for solutions, knowing that you deserve solutions, lets you reach out for one.

That thought, right by itself, is so very powerful.

It puts you in contact with a whole sequence of uplifting thoughts.

Once you get in the habit of looking for your thought-wealth and moving yourself in that direction, everything that is not so perfect will become much, much better.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, April 3, 2017

Only What is Useful

Keep only what is useful in your life.

The memories that bring you pain are no longer useful, once you recognize that you can turn from them and create a better life for yourself.

If you feel burdened by a lot of “stuff” you have collected, consider how useful it is to you, and then discard what is no longer useful, freely and generously.

Weeding out the habitual attitudes is harder, because they have become so unnoticeable, but many of these are also no longer useful.

When you notice a problem attitude, consider what you would like to replace it with, and then practice restating your new attitude.

Once the new attitude becomes habitual, move on to the next one.

You will find yourself going beyond the current limits in your life.

Your redirection can continually improve how you feel about your life.

It can provide new opportunities for you, and place you where your new uplifting attitude is highly valued.

New ideas will find a radiant new fit now that there is room for them.

New friends will find they are welcome in conversation.

New work and better working conditions may be part of your new manifestation.

As you discover what is truly useful for yourself and you release your burdens, many new and uplifting experiences will be available to you right where you are.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, April 1, 2017

An Authentic Life

When you contribute your originality, you are sharing your authentic life.

Doing your job to help realize someone else’s goal is certainly fine, and it helps you practice intelligence and discipline.

But your real purpose is to discover your unique individuality and to express it.

It is essential to contribute from your personal sense of who you are.

The uniqueness of each person is what makes society complete.

Until we are each working from that uniqueness, there is always a lack of fulfillment.

It creates a sense of unrest.

Until we find our who we truly are and live our unique purpose, we are not living an authentic life.

The power of an authentic life is that is aligns us with every resource, creates satisfaction and fulfillment and meets true needs, both for us and for those we benefit.

The general or acute sense of discomfort we feel is a gift, telling us to listen within to find our purpose.

Then, as we willingly relinquish our involvement with so many outside activities, we can hear the inward voice.

It is a gentle breath, a sigh of fulfillment which we feel as we listen.

Our consistent practice directs us to take specific steps.

We connect with what we need.

We find ourselves involved in life in a very different way.

We are living an authentic life.

 © 2017 Kathryn Hardage