Saturday, April 1, 2017

An Authentic Life

When you contribute your originality, you are sharing your authentic life.

Doing your job to help realize someone else’s goal is certainly fine, and it helps you practice intelligence and discipline.

But your real purpose is to discover your unique individuality and to express it.

It is essential to contribute from your personal sense of who you are.

The uniqueness of each person is what makes society complete.

Until we are each working from that uniqueness, there is always a lack of fulfillment.

It creates a sense of unrest.

Until we find our who we truly are and live our unique purpose, we are not living an authentic life.

The power of an authentic life is that is aligns us with every resource, creates satisfaction and fulfillment and meets true needs, both for us and for those we benefit.

The general or acute sense of discomfort we feel is a gift, telling us to listen within to find our purpose.

Then, as we willingly relinquish our involvement with so many outside activities, we can hear the inward voice.

It is a gentle breath, a sigh of fulfillment which we feel as we listen.

Our consistent practice directs us to take specific steps.

We connect with what we need.

We find ourselves involved in life in a very different way.

We are living an authentic life.

 © 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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