Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Create More Freedom for Yourself

You create your freedom through the ideas which come to you.

The thoughts which release you are the ones which let you give service.

The freedom you create is not limited to your own circumstances.

Just the thought of freedom opens a connection to productive ideas.

You can improve the ideas which come directly to you the best.

And they are the ones which can help you realize more freedom.

If you are carrying out directions for someone else, you are helping create their freedom.

When you do excellent work, you are setting a standard for yourself.

The combined efforts of those who are consciously working to uplift, comfort, advance, and expand create more and more freedom for everyone associated with them.

Each person sees from a distinct viewpoint.

As each need is covered from each viewpoint, a product or service is created to meet the needs seen from all those viewpoints.

in this way, more freedom for yourself always results in more freedom for everyone else.

Sharing a community of ideas for service or a product meets needs.

This creates a life of freedom which  improves life for all who are involved, from idea conception to product delivery.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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