Friday, July 14, 2017

Outgrown or Untrue

Whatever is outgrown, we can release.

The same applies to whatever is untrue.

When we get a better concept, we can live up to that.

We don’t really have time to regret what we didn’t know or couldn’t control from the past.

When it becomes intolerable to live a certain way, we change, and we are free to pursue a better way.

Those who appreciate the change continue to be our friends and associates.

Those who do not, find other paths and friends, even family surrogates.

Family living is so intense and there are so many pressures on families.

It is wonderful when ties are maintained that are compatible and friendly.

It is also OK to move on to find others of like-mind.

I do not like losing my family members to others, but I have had to move on from my family of origen, so I can understand the need.

We gain more experiences through the jobs we hold and we look forward to advancement.

We develop more refined abilities to deal with challenges.

We outgrow our previous concept of ourselves.

We reform and expand our viewpoints.

It is natural to move into a better framework.

It is natural to release what is outgrown and establish a better sense of life.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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