Monday, July 10, 2017

Glorious Things

Listening for the inspiration and strength to go about our day can be expanded into the realm of glorious things.

In asking for insight and guidance, we can experience them in both the mundane and the innovative.

Our energy is concentrated and focused when we are pursing a goal we desire greatly.

We can feel the uplift of new ideas for accomplishment.

We have room to receive wonderful ideas and to be invigorated in their expression.

We have access to the greatest ideas and resources possible through our practice of inner  listening and taking outward action.

We can see both little and big accomplishments.

We can take both little and big steps as we gain practice and resources.

Giving ourselves wholly to what we love, and withstanding doubts moves us rapidly in the right direction.

We can move confidently in the direction of our dreams standing on a firm foundation.

We can accomplish the glorious things that we envision.

We attract people of like mind on our way, and they add energy to our vision.

Others drop away as we gain our stride and gain momentum.

Finally, as we near our goal, all who will benefit are swept up in its fulfillment.

The glorious things we envision persistently become our reality.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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