Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Helpfulness Expansion

My cocoon is the safety I now feel out in the world.

Instead of being a focal point for pain, I have now expanded my sense of where I can find help.

I made this discovery when I was facing a yearly event that reminded me of my helplessness as a child.

I was able to expand my view to realize that if I had not been afraid to ask for help, there were many people, including strangers who would have rendered aid.

I resolved at that time to look at people as those whom I could ask for help.

I now know there is a high probability that I would have found help very quickly.

Even asking those who were not able to give help would have allowed me to continue asking until I found help.

This view is helping me expand my sense of the world as having many safe harbors.

Just because my own home was not safe, does not mean that there is no safety.

And, even at that time, there was safety, if only I had known I could ask for help.

This is a helpful discovery for me to make and goes a long way toward helping me expand my view when I feel panicky.

I can reach out into the world beyond my body, my home, my car, and include those along the way who are potential helpers.

By articulating my distress to myself, and knowing that as an adult I have access to help, I can ask for it and receive it.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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