Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Anticipating Love

As I survey my wonderful materials, I anticipate loving all the things I will make with them.

I am almost overwhelmed by the freedom I am beginning to feel.

There is such a deep calm.

Truly it is worth all the things that require you to change your perspective in order to break your old habits.

I am amazed at how persistent the neurons are to maintain their old territory!

But, somehow, with all the new tools and practices, new, consciously directed patterns are beginning to take their place.

I am inspired.

I am energized.

I am humbled.

It is such a privilege to walk this path and to create new results.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Standing Firm Against the Neurons

As I change my behavior patterns consciously, I notice that I have a very powerful adversary.

My neurological response pattern is being challenged.

I find that I have to stand quietly and tell myself that it is OK for me to have a good time.

It is OK for me to have the best that is available.

It is OK for me to enjoy my life.

There is a very powerful habitual response that was built up when I was prevented from doing the things that I wanted to do or things that I would have enjoyed.

It has been so deep for so long, that I simply got used to withdrawing from activities that didn’t meet the minimal standards which used to be enforced around me.

I developed a rich inner life, which is fine, but it is also good to be involved with high quality materials in enjoyable ways.

The big factor was recognizing the disruptive biological patterns which kicked in.

The next factor has been picking up on that more and more quickly.

I find that a terrifying block has been removed from my life.

I am still battling the neurons when I say that I am looking forward to doing certain things, but I can still feel that it is safe for me to say that.

I am building up the habit that it is OK.

It will take practice.

However, I am used to building up my skills in many other ways, so I know I can just keep practicing.

The neurons will eventually shift and support me in my new habit and direction.

It has been a very uncomfortable challenge, but the alternative finally became unbearable, so I am doing it.

I am glad to have this situation revealed and to be working on it.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Away From Despair

There is nothing in me, in my mind, or in my life that can attach itself to despair.

My life is pure light and I live in the consciousness of that spiritual fact.

I decide the course of my life by my decision to listen within and to experience the inspiration that flows from my Eternal Source.

Al that come in contact with me feel the power of my inspiration.

Those who are seen to benefit from it are uplifted by it.

Those who are not ready very naturally turn away without harm to me or to themselves.

None of us are cast away into despair or criticism or to harassment in any way.

We are all on a life-path which is taking us where we consciously direct it, or where we unconsciously find ourselves taken by majority opinion.

Becoming conscious of our own identity within, we can create an uplifting life and free ourselves from despair.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, May 9, 2015

So Many New Things

In our “retirement”, we are learning and doing so many new things.

We are putting together a new homestead in the country.

I am setting up a new container garden, with new soil mixes.

I am learning to weave.

My husband is reading more about raising bees and preparing beehives.

He is reading about chicken coops and gathering materials.

Step by step, we are designing the inside of a small prefab cabin to meet our needs.

We become more and more amazed how little space and stuff we need in order to take care of ourselves in a very satisfying way.

We are becoming more  and more attuned to our place in the natural world.

We notice the way different insects move.

We feel the softness of the grass as we walk barefoot.

We observe the different light and its effects on the trees and grasses.

We listen to the quiet and the contrast of bird, insect and animal sounds.

We feel the tenderness of the moon’s light across the meadow.

We observe the afterglow which highlights the treeline against the sky.

We have time to talk to each other and time to read.

We go into town for internet and phone calls.

We are meeting other people who are choosing these kinds of activities and priorities as well.

It is all new, much of it challenging, and all of it satisfying.

Sharing the peace…

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage